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Self-accounting state enterprise “TurkmenExport”

of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan was set up according to Resolution No. 12182 of President of Turkmenistan of March, 16, 2012 with a view of further development of foreign trade relations of Turkmenistan, consecutive increase in volumes of export of local production abroad and maintenance of optimum conditions for import of necessary goods. The main objective of the activity of the state enterprise “TurkmenExport” defines wide popularisation on global commodity markets and services of manufacturers of Turkmenistan interested in export of their goods and also attraction of foreign partners and buyers on mutually advantageous trading cooperation that defines a high level of domestic commodity output in the world market conjuncture.

At realisation of trade and economic activity the state enterprise “TurkmenExport “enjoys the following privileges:

– On the basis of concluded contracts it accepts on realisation goods from domestic commodity producers of all kinds of property;

– Independently, passing the exchange auctions, it realises to foreign buyers the goods intended for sale.

– With a view of creation of optimal conditions for export of goods abroad it carries out the foreign trade activity through frontier shops and the branches opened in foreign countries and representations.

Exchange registration of export contracts concluded by the state enterprise “TurkmenExport” will be carried out on the day of payment of exchange duties, an accelerated order of registration of the documentation on contracts in corresponding structural divisions of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, the Main Public Service “Turkmenstandartlary” and the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan is provided as well. The state enterprise “TurkmenExport ” owns exclusive rights of priority, bypassing the exchange auctions, favourably to realise the following ready commodity output made in Turkmenistan for export: a long list of textile -cotton production; carbamide, potassium and other chemical production; iodic pencil and other kinds of pharmaceutical production; national carpets, yarn, wool; wide assortment of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic production.

We invite you to efficient and fruitful cooperation with the state enterprise “TurkmenExport”!

Phone: (+993)12 477428