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Self-accounting enterprise «TurkmenExport» of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan was set up according to Resolution No. 12182 of President of Turkmenistan of March, 16, 2012 with a view of further development of foreign trade relations of Turkmenistan.
——-Textile——-  industry
Food-processing industry
—– –Medical —–industry
Beverage manufacturing

Our services

TurkmenExport provides consultation on issues of customs administration. On the basis of concluded contracts it accepts for realization the goods from local commodity producers of all kinds of property; independently, bypassing exchange auctions, realizes foreign buyers the goods intended for sale. With a view of creation of optimal conditions for export of goods abroad it carries out the foreign trade activity by frontier shops and the branches opened in foreign countries and representations.


In 2019 34 contracts were concluded and of them 3 bilateral, other commission agents.  Read more.

In 2018 17 contracts were made and of them 5 were bilateral and other commission agents. Read more.

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